Web design that reflects your brand, tuned for mobile

Design process

How do you ensure you serve the needs of your business and your customers online with great initial research and planning?

For larger projects, we conduct a discovery phase using a variety of analysis methods to look at what your business and customers need:

Needs assessment – we take a strategic approach to assess the needs of the organisation; looking at long-term objectives and internal and external influencers.

What different elements of content are required within a site and how do we make sure the website is ranked highly by key search engines?

Content review – whether it’s a new business start-up or a long-established business, reviewing the content involves assessing the information needed to tell your story, key marketing messages, the brand style and tone of voice, and the balance of text against photography, graphics, video or downloads.

How do we create a visual ‘look and feel’ for the website and ensure it appeals to each type of target audience on their journey through the website?

High fidelity wireframes – here the site starts to come to life as we develop more realistic content, fonts, image dimensions or button styles, which helps to visualise how the site might work before adding colour or imagery.

UX and UI designs – we apply the brand guidelines to the user interface (UI) and begin building content for the site (animations, photography, copy etc.) Using our flow diagrams from the discovery phase, we optimise the user experience (UX) to make sure it’s engaging and efficient.