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Why businesses are switching to fully managed website services

When a business is looking to build their website or update their existing website, you typically have two options.

  1. Try to build it yourself using a page builder like Wix, Squarespace or Wordpress.
  2. Get someone else to build it for you.

If you're brave and pick the first option to build it yourself, you'll find yourself in the word of content management systems and page builders. Many of these products promise you can launch a site in no time using pre-built components and templates, but the reality is that they're often confusing to use and difficult to learn. Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of these technologies are really useful and products like Wordpress and Squarespace power more than half the small business sites on the web today. But, for a lot of our clients that have tried the DIY route, they tell us that these tools are overly complex. The structure of the content doesn't make sense. They don't understand why they have to edit one thing on this page but switch to another page to edit something else right beside it.

The problem is that these products are built by software developers and technical product managers for other technical people to use. The learning curve is low for those people who handle this tech day in day out. For the rest of the world, it's needlessly complex.

Once you've built your site on Wordpress or Squarespace (or one of the many other DIY services), you then have to learn about hosting. Then search engine optimization. Then cybersecurity. Then there are software updates that have complex dependencies that make no sense. An update is released and you find your site or content needs reworking for no reason.

And all of this takes time. That's time away from your core business.

Many other businesses opt to get their website built by a third-party agency or contractor. This makes more sense as you can focus on what you do well (running your business) and let the experts do what they do well (building your website).

There are issues here too. For a start, most agencies, and contractors will build your site as a one off project and hand it back to you to manage. So, while you didn't have to build the thing yourself, you still have to worry about managing the content yourself through a confusing interface. And if the agency or freelancer is not interested in supporting you, all those other issues like hosting, software updates and security need to be handled by someone. Many of our clients find themselves chasing different, often unreliable, freelancers and agencies for ad-hoc work. Again, it's all time away from your core business.

Plus, there's the cost. And one off website build can be expensive and if they're billing you by the hour, they have ever incentive to add additional scope and draw the project out to maximise profits.

If you can relate to any of the above, then hopefully you can see the appeal of a fully managed service like ours. We build the site for nothing down, so there's no upfront build cost to worry about. Then we handle all the content updates for you. You just call or email, and we'll update your site and send you a preview to approve. You don't have to think about content management systems, fields, forms, hosting, security or search. You can focus on your business, and we focus on your web presence.

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