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Content strategy for small business websites

As the name suggests, content strategy is the strategy behind all the content created for your website, from the title, body copy, blog posts and buttons as well as all the images and the design elements. Strategy needs a purpose, a goal or reach or a battle to win.

People are usually on the web for two reasons:

  1. To find some information to make a decision with.
  2. For entertainment.

I'm going to assume your business isn't a pure entertainment business like Netflix or Youtube, so we can ignore the second point. That leaves people who are searching for information because they want to do something. If they're searching for a product or service like yours, your website should be able to provide them the information they need to make that buying decision quickly and then contact you. Your content should support this strategy in every way.

What many websites do wrong is not thinking clearly enough about strategy. It's one thing to say you should provide customers the information they're looking for, but which customers are we talking about exactly? Do you have only one type of customer or many? If it's many different customer profiles, how do you cater for all of them on one website? And what is the purpose of providing them that information? Usually, you want them to contact you by picking up the phone, or emailing or filling out a callback form. But again, so many websites hide the contact information in the corner of the page and none of the content is focused on the visitors performing that action. Visitors need prompting with a "call to action". Many business owners think a website is just something they need. A box to tick and a web address to print on a business card. But it can be so much more with good strategy.

Good content strategy starts with a call to action and works backward from there. If you want your visitors to pick up the phone, there better be a big, prominent phone number at the bottom of the homepage. And that phone number should be clickable on mobile so it's a one-touch call. And the entire homepage content should be focused on getting that call.

In this example, the content needs to:

  • Introduce your product or service
  • Make the visitor relate to what you're saying
  • Agree with the pain points of what your product and service fixes or agree they might need what you're selling
  • And make it seem that the only logic conclusion is to pick up the phone.

Even blog pages and other informational pages should be focused on this goal. It's all part of the same, overall strategy.

Every site we build goes through this content strategy phase. Our sites aren't just pretty designs, but sales engines focused on that call to action that can convert more visitors into customers for your business.

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