Giving your site a clear purpose

Content strategy

Research – this includes desk research (competitor and industry) and stakeholder and user interviews. We look at existing analytics and use tracking tools like Crazy Egg and Full Story to give vital information about user behaviour within the existing website.

Site goals review – we investigate what customer and business needs the website must address, and what functionality is required to achieve this.

Content plan creation – we either work with clients to develop new copy or our writer conducts interviews with key stakeholders and drafts the copy from there. This is a real collaboration between the client, writer and the developer to make sure the content works within the design and sets a tone that supports brand and communication objectives.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audit – here we take a snapshot of where the site currently ranks in the main search engines, such as Google or Bing. This informs development and acts as a ‘stake-in-the-ground’ for analysis of the new website’s SEO performance. For this we use tools SEMRush, Moz, Web Page Test and Google Webmasters. This guides future content development.

SEO strategy creation – we create an SEO plan for the launch and ongoing support on a monthly basis. This could include site audits, technical error fixes (broken links), blog content creation, link building activity or local search optimisation.