Track site visitors, events and traffic


Understand your site traffic through a visual, easy to understand dashboard. You will be able to track traffic patterns over time and see who is visiting your website right now.

Domain analytics is a far more straightforward alternative to Google Analytics, which can be overly confusing or too feature-rich for most businesses. It still retains all the deep insights of Google including location, bounce rate, time on page and events.

If your business is internationally focused, you’ll be able to understand where in the world you visitors and potential customers are located. This helps to focus content and plan marketing campaigns more effectively.

Domain analytics also allows you to track more than just page visits. Your site can be configured to track clicks on content elements and forms. It can also track form submissions and failed attempts.

Domain analytics is hosted on your own domain (for example: and hosted in a geographical location you choose. This level of control is ideal if your business has specific data protection or GDPR requirements.

Domain analytics is included with every site managed by us.